Limey – UK

Limey and Limey XS are your tap’s best friend!

If you live in an area with hard water, you may know the problem with clogged filters in your faucets due to calcium carbonate (limescale) deposits.

Limey and Limey XS are simple yet innovative solutions. A silicone device to be filled with vinegar or similar product and be attached the tap.

Limescale deposits can easily be dissolved in vinegar or by using a cleaning product specifically designed for that purpose. The common problem is that you must unscrew the filter and let it soak in a cup or come up with up other MacGyver’ish methods.

Limey is available in leading shops around the world and online via various Amazon shops.

Limey XS

Use Limey XS for flat taps.

Works with aerators: F18, F19, F22, F3/4, F55/64, M18, M24, M13/16, M15/16.

Limey XS is designed to be used on horizontal, flat or square taps with a visible aerator.

Limey XS fits aerators with a diameter of 20 or 24 mm. It may, due to its flexibility, work well with other diameters.

Pick the opening size that fits your tap. Slide Limey XS into place. Adjust the strap for a tight fit. Fill it with vinegar or a liquid limescale remover and let it sit. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer regarding the limescale remover. Carefully remove, empty and rinse it after use. While using Limey XS, wear rubber gloves and protective goggles. Do not open the tap while Limey XS is attached.